27 September 2011


Outline of the Essay:
                              I.            The  Introduction – Brief paragraph…with thesis
                           II.            The Body – a group of two – five paragraphs developing the thesis
                       III.             The Conclusion – Brief paragraph…arrives at a conclusion, wraps things up

The Basic Outline of an Essay
      I.            Introductory Paragraph

         Draws the reader into the writer’s world—
       Use engaging questions or personal pronouns.

         Contains THESIS—statement or question.
       Thesis:  debatable or uncertain idea; arguable; 
             indicates issue and position.
                   Have a PURPOSE and an AUDIENCE in mind.

         “Filled Out” with general information or short narrative.

II. Body Paragraphs
         2-4 paragraphs are sufficient.

         Follow standard paragraph structure.  (See below) 

         Include transitions from paragraph to paragraph.
Therefore…  That being said…  As a result…
Next,…  Contrary to the idea just mentioned….

         In the Body Paragraphs, provide Specifics, Examples, and Details.
                             personal experience

The Paragraph
A group of sentences that work together focusing on a single topic or idea.
The Paragraph usually has:

A TOPIC SENCTENCE…that guides the direction of the paragraph…
BODY SENTENCES…that contain the explanations, examples, details, narratives, or whatever is necessary to give full meaning to the TOPIC.
CLOSING or TRANSITION SENTENCE…that either ends the discussion of the topic…or moves the reader on to the next paragraph/topic/idea.

III.            Conclusion Paragraph
  • You indicate whether or not you the writer have been successful in arguing, explaining or debating your thesis.
  • Best if “short and to the point.”

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