18 June 2011

Student Essays–Erika Álvarez

In my sixth semester course that we just finished, we concentrated on composition…looking first at structure and then at the need for specifics, examples and details (My favorite reminder for my students—“Is there enough SED?” (SED=specifics, examples, details!)  Here is one of the three best compositions of the final exam. 

(I have edited very little with regard to grammar and punctuation, and I have not changed the content in any way.)


Erika Álvarez

Instituto Laurens – LEB – Oral and Written Communication

Mr. Jon Herrin

June 6, 2011

The Ideal Teacher

In these days, an excellent teacher needs to be effective and productive. The teacher needs to have the best preparation and new knowledge and to be updating it. In a school it is necessary to have tools that students can use whenever they need. For example, if students want to investigate about “The History of Mexico”, the teacher needs to have variety of tools to give them such as computers. The teacher is only a guide to them.

There exist many kinds of abilities that teachers have or need to have. One of them is that a teacher is just to be a guide for the child. For example, when I do my science class and experiments such as recycling, I allow that children explore in their own way, “How can we recycle?”

Another skill is to be patient. The teacher that is patient has better control of the group and receives respect from them. Is important that a teacher know the needs, circumstances or goals of every student. For example is very important to introduce the rules of every activity. Last week I made an activity with my students using paint. I told them that they needed to share the different color paints with their classmates and be careful to not throw it. The communication was better and their behaviors too. Is necessary to know how we can control the patience.

And finally I would like to mention that teachers need to motivate students. The most important thing is the attitudes that we show when we teach to them. For example, when I read stories to my little kids, like “How the dog lost his bone,” I actually make sounds and use my body language to get their attention. They love to listening stories. I do it as much I can.

If a teacher has these three skills (abilities) or more, so he or she is a great teacher that loves her work. This is the kind of person that education world needs.

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